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Caught In a Moment by Martin Dukes

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Caught in a Moment

Caught in a Moment is the story of Alex Trueman, a teenager who daydreams himself unwittingly into the strange world of Intersticia. This is a world outside of ordinary time, that exists in the slender intervals between instants. From Alex's point of view the world around him freezes into immobility. At first it seems the he alone is free to wander the hushed streets with their motionless cars and people. But he is not alone. Alex soon discovers that he shares the world with others. There are a few dozen fellow daydreamers who share his fate. There is plump, bespectacled Will, pretty brunette Kelly, and the rebellious outcast Paulo. Presiding over them all is the enigmatic Ganymede, and irascible vagrant who distributes food to his dependents and sets them perverse tasks to perform in return.

Alex soon finds that he has rare skills in Intersticia. Most uniquely he can affect the motionless world of 'Statica' around them. He can open doors, help himself to food, and move objects. But this forbidden activity soon sets him on a collision course with Ganymede in which the very existence of Intersticia is put at risk.

Goodreads Summary

This book was very interesting… not only because of the plot, but the writing as well. At first it was a little hard to get into, like the word “mum” being said instead of mom, but when I got in the flow of things it got better. It’s definitely a British novel. I’ve only read one other book from there and it had slang and a different form of writing like Caught in a Moment. After a while, you can detect the style and think to yourself “Hmm, this is written from someone with an awesome British accent”.
The storyline was great! So many things were happening at once, so sometimes I got confused and re-read the chapters. Other than that it had great pacing, nothing felt rushed or detailed too much. The plot moved along at a rapid pace with plenty of small climaxes along the way to keep the reader motivated to reach the end.  Most of the characters were easy to relate to; some weren’t as relatable because of their odd decisions. All of them had spark and worked well together. The ending didn’t disappoint, you definitely know there’s going to be a sequel (turns out it’s a trilogy!) and hopefully some questions will be answered in the forthcoming books. I recommend this book for someone who wants adventure, fantasy, and a thrill.

3 ½ Stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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