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Dead Girl Moon by Charlie Price

Sunday, December 9, 2012
Dead Girl Moon

As their hardscrabble lives intertwine in a small, corrupt Montana town, Grace, a scheming runaway, JJ, her drifty fostercare sister, and Mick, the son of a petty thief, discover the body of a young woman. Afraid to come forward, the teens try to hide their knowledge of the crime, because they believe the murderer is one of the corrupt officials and businessmen who rule their town. But after a series of false moves and dumb mistakes, the teens are soon suspects themselves in a murder investigation threatening their freedom—and maybe their lives.

Goodreads Summary

This story follows three teenagers. One of the characters, Grace, has been abused by her family and runs away. Since she doesn’t have a job to support herself, she has nowhere to go. Grace ends up in a broken house with drugs, alcohol, and an interestingly strange son who has fetal alcohol syndrome. If you’re not sure what fetal alcohol syndrome is, it’s when the mother of an unborn child drinks, thus causing the baby to have defects when born. The family finds her a job…but what does she have to do to repay them?

JJ – the niece of the family she’s living with – is much more stable and tries her best in the academic world. Next door is the handsome Mick whose father is a thief. These three characters just want a better life than what they have and they form friendships together pretty quickly. One day, while they were hanging out, they find a young woman’s body. At first they want to leave so they won’t be connected to the crime since their families are broken enough already. In the end, they call the crime into the police. One thing leads to another and the police are on THEIR tail instead.

Dead Girl Moon is an interesting story that’s about friendship, hard times, mystery, and drama.  The book focuses on real world topics: abuse, the need to survive, drugs, scams, and doing the right thing. These three friends aren’t one dimensional. All of them grow as characters, which is what really makes a book appealing. They aren’t the same people as when we first meet them. Honestly, if a character is the same from beginning to end my book points go WAY down, but this one was fine! I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good mystery, drama, and (sort of) love triangle. Don’t worry, it isn’t the hardcore Twilight-type triangle. Great read!

5 Stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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