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Flutter by Gina Linko

Sunday, December 9, 2012

All Emery Land wants is to be like any other 17-year-old—to go to school, hang out with her friends, and just be normal. But for as long as she can remember, she’s suffered from seizures. And in recent years they’ve consumed her life. To Emery they’re much more than seizures, she calls them loops—moments when she travels through wormholes back and forth in time and to a mysterious town. The loops are taking their toll on her physically. So she practically lives in the hospital where her scientist father and an ever-growing team of doctors monitor her every move. They’re extremely interested in the data they collect when Emery seizes. It appears that she’s tapping into parts of the brain typically left untouched by normal human beings.

Escaping from the hospital, Emery travels to Esperanza, the town from her loops on the upper peninsula of Michigan, where she meets Asher Clarke. Ash’s life is governed by his single-minded pursuit of performing good Samaritan acts to atone for the death of a loved one. His journey is very much entwined with Emery’s loops.

Drawn together they must unravel their complicated connection before it’s too late.

Goodreads Summary

The main character, Emery Land, has had seizures all her life. All she wants is a normal day at school, not wondering when she’s going to fall and not wake up for a while. Her father wants Emery to stay in the hospital because they seizures are slowly killing her. She knows this, but hates the fact that she may have to stay in the hospital the rest of her life. What no one knows – and refuses to believe – is what happens when she falls to the ground. She goes through what’s called “The Loop”. Whenever seizures happen she is flown back in time and meets people from her past… and one boy in particular. Why does she keep flying back to this boy? Finally, one day she breaks out of the hospital to find out the answer. During her adventure she meets someone her age named Asher (who is her love interest) and both of them together try to figure out the mystery.

Flutter was a cute book to read. The characters were fun, unpredictable, and adventurous. One thing I didn’t like was how much Emery and Asher fought. They would love each other, and then fight and break up for a few days, then go back and make up. It was a never-ending cycle. To me, if it doesn’t work out the second time, the man isn’t for me, so their relationship was sweet, but also irritating and weird. Emery’s best friend, who helped sneak her out of the hospital, was probably one of my favorite characters. She’s someone I want to have as my friend. Not so much Emery, which says something. Twists and turns were everywhere in this book! You think you have everything figured out, but the next chapter you figure out how wrong you were. I love plots that seem easy to figure out, but in the end are totally different. Sometimes those endings are annoying, this book is the complete opposite! Linko makes sure you get whiplash and that’s fun! I recommend this book for readers that like time travel stories.

4.5 Stars

*Reviewed by Rachel*

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