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Guest Post with Omegia Keeys

Thursday, October 20, 2011
The Making of Rise and Fall of a Track Star

My son’s graduation was right around the corner and I couldn’t be a prouder parent. My son, born to me when I was merely a child myself, had broken the cycle and was moving on into the next phase in life of becoming a man. His graduation also opened the door to haunting memories of my past. It is what prompted me to write Rise and Fall of a Track Star.

For many who know me in my teens and early 20s I was viewed as a person who always seemed to achieving great things. What they didn’t see was how often I was ridiculed or looked down upon for doing so. See, I was the first person from my school to ever win the State Championship in Track and field, obtain a full ride track scholarship and go on to win a bronze at the Pan Am Games. What they didn’t know was I constantly in a battle—with myself and others in my community.

Yes, I have achieved many things that others could only dream of, but I did it while being a victim. The more I achieved the more I was victimized. Some felt because I had a child as a teen then I didn’t deserve any of the things I had worked so hard to accomplish. Nothing was given to me. Through all the Nay Sayers and self-doubt I somehow kept going until there came a point in which I couldn’t take it anymore. Hence the title Rise and Fall of a Track Star.

I mention my son broke the cycle because all too often teenage parents or their offspring fail to complete high school. My son has not only done so, but is now in the Armed Services. Rise and Fall of a Track Star is a shift from my YA Novels and Erotic Novels because for the message to come across I wanted people to hear my own words, not one of my characters. I want others in my situation to know they are not alone and they can get past the hurt and pain. And to those who feel the need to put others down because we go against the grain, shame on you but because of you we shall rise.
I’m a bullet…

I’m a missile…

I’m a rocket to the moon!

Author, Youth Advocate, Motivational Speaker, Women’s Empowerment Speaker, and Entrepreneur

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