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Love From The Other Side by Carol Shimp

Saturday, October 22, 2011
In her compelling memoir Love from the Other Side, author Carol Shimp tells the fascinating story of her quest to balance her daily life with her strong experiences of the spirit world. Growing up Catholic in the 1950s, Carol went to church, learned self-discipline, and participated in traditional religion. But even as a child, she experienced precognitive dreams and messages which she could not discuss with anyone. The death of her mother inspired Carol to learn more about her gifts, and to find a small group of spiritual seekers. But Carol could not have imagined the journey she would take when the earthbound spirit of someone from her past became a very real presence in her life and in her marriage. Calling on her spirit guides and her support system, Carol navigated dangerous territory, seeking to free herself, her husband, and the unquiet soul who resisted going to the light.
"Carol has always been tuned in to the creative and otherworldly dimension of life. It is a blessing that she has chosen to share her powerful experiences in her book."
- Mark Dodich, astrologer and spiritual counselor
"Carol Shimp came to me requesting that I assist her in exploring her past. The result of this experience is her book." - Bob Decker, certified clinical hypnotist and regression therapist
"Carol's story is true and powerful. She was determined to heal emotional scars and help a troubled spirit into the light. Her book tells of spiritual contact and life after death through communication and meditation." -Reverend Edward "Red" Duke, spiritual leader of The Haven for Spiritual Travelers

Goodreads Summary

This was a very interesting book if a reader is interested in the spiritual side of life.  The author is very informative, she explains her ability in understandable terms.  The reader will enjoy the fact that the author gives background from her childhood and her life in general.  The reader will likely feel as if he/she knows the author very well and may even feel close to the author at the end of the book. 

The details the author includes, especially about her everyday life, are integral to the development of the novel.  The writing is very fluid with no awkward transitions.  The characters are interesting to say the least, the author distinguishes the secondary characters very well to the reader.  The events were fast-paced and exciting.  The ending was somewhat unexpected, but will leave the reader with a feeling of satisfaction.  This book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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