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Interview with Braxton A Cosby: Author of ProtoStar

Monday, October 10, 2011
1) What was your inspiration for this book?

This was a vision given to me in church by God, one Sunday afternoon. I began sketching it out on a handout. Once I got home, I continued to tinker with it and do research on how the whole process of getting published works. After creating the initial framework of the story, I envisioned PROTOSTAR as being something as a tribute to the beauty of young love, the power of choice and the dedication that it takes to attain/maintain true love.

2) Who was your favorite character to write about and why?

I loved writing about William and his inner struggle to grasp the concept of love, true love that is. I think William had been through many relationships in the past back on Fabricius, but he understood that something was missing. They were mostly relationships of influence and obligation. With Sydney, he is compelled to be with her because he has no real incentive to. All he knows is that he feels something for her, far beyond his own understanding. It becomes like a sickness, or a torment to him; eating away at his own identity and challenging everything he’s ever known about love.

3) Who was the hardest character to write about and why?

I think that Sienna was the most difficult character to write. Her inner struggle to find her identity, nurturing her friendship with Sydney, and ultimately comprehending the ideal of friendship and her loyalty to Zelwyn was a challenge. I had to manage keeping the balance between the two, without giving anything away to the reader.

4) Did you get to choose or help pick the awesome cover?

Yes, I designed the initial idea of the image on the cover and then I gave it to a very talented designer to work on named Hiram. He then took my suggestion to another level and created the image of Sydney as this sort of supernatural deity, which she will eventually become.

5) Why did you choose to write in the Young Adult genre?

I love the energy that young people have. There is so much potential and excitement in working with young folks. I love their ideas and creativity. I wanted to convey my message to them and see how they respond to it, trying to encapsulate what is on the minds of young people today. Way different from when I was growing up, and that was not too long ago.   

6) Are you working on a book now?

I already have the sequel outlined and I am constantly tinkering with improving it over the first one. I plan to start writing it and two other books, at the end of October or early November.

Quick Questions

1) Chocolate or Vanilla?- Chocolate, but I love both.

2) Bubblegum or mint?- Mint.

3) Beach or mountains?- Beach.

4) Puzzles or video games?- Video games!

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