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Write-A-Thon by Rochelle Melander

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Find the focus, energy, and drive you need to start—and finish—your book
Everyone has dreamed of writing a book, but so many start writing only to stall out due to writer’s block, mental fatigue, and other challenges. Write-A-Thon helps you overcome those stumbling blocks and complete your book once and for all. And you don’t have to type away for years on end. Here’s a plan that’ll help you write your book—in twenty-six days!
Write-A-Thon gives you the tools, advice, and inspiration you need to succeed before, during, and after your writing race. Solid instruction, positive psychology, and inspiration from marathon runners will give you the momentum to take each step from here to the finish line.  Start out well prepared: Learn how to train your attitude, your writing, and your life—and plan your novel or nonfiction book.  Maintain your pace: Get advice and inspiration to stay motivated and keep writing.  Bask in your accomplishment: Find the best ways to recover and move forward once the marathon is over and you have a completed manuscript in hand.
Writing a book in twenty-six days may seem impossible—especially if you don’t write full time—but in Write-A-Thon, Rochelle Melander will teach you the life skills, performance techniques, and writing tools you need to finish your manuscript in less than a month—guaranteed!

Goodreads Summary

Many people want to write a book, but few actually take a stab at it.  Rochelle Melander gives the average person the tools, advice, and encouragement to write a book in 26 days and keep his/her sanity.  "No Excuses" is a chapter early on in the book, Rochelle offers up counterarguments to each excuse given.  The reader should be able to acknowledge the argument as sound and logical.  This book holds not only writing tips, but little tidbits of wisdom that come from writing-the potential writer has some things to look forward too.  One of the best parts of this book were the quotes at the beginnings of the short chapters, they fit each chapter perfectly and enabled the reader to think ahead. 

The author will attempt to instill patience, a drive for success, and the will to write and polish a novel.  Anyone considering writing a novel should pick up this book.  Many how-to books can become dry or slightly boring, this book avoids those qualities through real stories, quotes, and the energy behind the author's words. 

4 Stars

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