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Just Like You by Robert Kroupa, Illustrated by Hannah E. Harrison

Saturday, October 15, 2011
Two friends – Henry, a field mouse and Boris, a spider – are bullied by the other residents of the Piney Forest because of their disabilities.  Henry and Boris are happier, liking themselves and each other best, when they live apart from the others.  They have fun every day with games and stories.  However when a fire starts in the forest, Henry and Boris quickly plan to use their special talents to warn all their neighbors.  After the danger is over, the other Piney Forest residents appreciate Henry and Boris and realize that they are just like them.

This tale, written in pleasant verse, is accompanied by imaginative, vibrant, heart-warming illustrations.  Reading this book, as a bedtime story or to pre-school through 3rd grade classes, may pave the way for discussions about the wrongs of unkind behavior aimed at certain children who may seem different.  This book’s simple story of a sweet and giving friendship will touch the hearts of its readers even if a conversation about bullying isn’t needed. 

Young children may love the vivid, imaginative world of the Piney Forest, and they will also enjoy the story of a friendship where each friend helps and accepts the other.  Since one hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of the book will go to charity, parents can be pleased that special children will benefit from therapies provided by those organizations.

Four and a half stars       

This isn't just any book, this book provides 100% of the profits to the Just Like You Foundation, aimed at celebrating and nurturing each child no matter their abilities. Follow this link to learn more.