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The Journey of the Noble Gnarble by Daniel Errico, Illustrations by Tiffany Turrill

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A delightful undersea story of a “noble gnarble” fighting against tough odds to see the sun.  All the other denizens of the deep discourage him – they say he can’t make it because his fins are too small.  Some try to eat him on the way up!  The book’s illustrations are imaginative and colorful; the drawings of the villains are beautiful yet scary.  The message of the valiant gnarble’s determination will have young children rooting for him to finally “flip above the waves.”  Invented sea creatures like the “gungaloo” and “dundledun” will remind parents of the great Dr. Seuss classics.

Young children and their parents will enjoy the rhyming verse and eye-catching illustrations.

Four Stars  

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