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Does He Cheat? : Confessions from Men By: Sterling Anderson and Stephanie Dart

Friday, October 21, 2011
A man was asked ‘why do you cheat on your wife?’
His answer was, ‘because I can.’

Another man was asked, ‘who do you cheat with?’
His answer was, ‘whoever sits in my lap.’

Does He Cheat? is a non-fictional book that takes a peek behind the curtain of lies men tell and women choose to ignore. Hundreds of men were asked, “If your girlfriend or wife paid the least amount of attention to a sign that you are cheating, what would that sign be?”

When the men were promised total anonymity they began to regale us with shocking answers to this question. These men lift the veil and shine a flashlight on the signs their wives, partners and girlfriends continue to ignore.
Yes, pornography and strip clubs are gateway drugs to cheating, and yes, your man can be influenced by his cheating friends.

Does He Cheat? is an empowering book for women that allows them to take a look inside the mythical ‘Man Bible’ on the chapter called ‘cheating.’
Like most accidents, infidelity happens within a few miles of your own home. Is your man really re-wiring the neighbor’s kitchen, or is that what she wants you to believe?

If you are a woman who wants to stop ignoring the signs your man is showing that say something might be amiss in your relationship, read Does He Cheat?

Goodreads Summary

The authors preface the book by noting that the listed 50 signs of “cheating” come from interviews with men from different cultures, races, and economic backgrounds.  Women (and men readers) are encouraged to analyze their relationships to discover whether their partner is using any of these cheating tricks.  Many of the scenarios also include suggestions for the suspicious partner to use as a test or a remedy.  If your hubby enjoys golfing for hours on the week-end, plan to go with him and pick up the game too...or drive the cart.  Is there an unexplained receipt or a gift hidden away in a drawer or closet?  Ask what it’s for.  Does he leave the house in a blue shirt...and come home in a green one? 

It’s eye-opening and repulsive to realize there are so many ways to sneak away from working on a good relationship and vows of fidelity.  The heartbreak of having a lying partner will hurt, but even worse is the chance that you could be infected with an STD by your cheating partner.  Divorced “Grayson” chivalrously states that he waited three days after “cheating-sex” to try to be sure he wouldn’t pass on a disease to his wife.

Women may want to read this handbook to consider the strength of their relationships...or to be reminded that they should be grateful for their wonderful husbands!  After gaping at the duplicity of these dishonest men, the reader will be amazed that anyone (wife or cheating woman) would be interested in these duds.

Two and a half stars      
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*written in conjunction with Colleen Corsiglia