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When Cancer Hits by Britta Aragon

Saturday, October 22, 2011
When Cancer Hits is your complete guide to navigating all the changes you ll experience between the doctor s office and everyday living. Whether your future includes surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, you ll need to know how to best manage your side effects, stress, and home recovery and how to sustain positive energy during treatment and beyond.

Goodreads Summary

This book is incredibly informative, clearly well-researched.  The book is full of survivor testimonies, instilling that hopeful quality.  The reader will perhaps be able to identify with some of those stories as well.  The author will become like a friend to the reader, the author has a very gently tone, caring.  The author herself was diagnosed with with Hodgkin's disease, the reader can be assured that he/she is receiving complete sincerity and compassion. 

This book should help the reader plan ahead, think about options, and cope.  The author makes sure the reader knows that he/she has a choice as to how cancer affects him/her.  The book can help immensely towards making anyone diagnosed with cancer more comfortable through hints and tricks that most would never think of.  The author has suggestions about skin changes, toxins, mediating chemotherapy effects, etc...  This book is invaluable for anyone dealing with or who knows someone suffering from cancer. 

5 Stars

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  1. ~April~ said...:

    I needed this book a few years back. I have been the primary care giver to my MIL the last 2 years as she fought cancer. I have had to learn the ropes on my own... This book would have been great. I am going to get it and share it. I am a avid vol. for the ACS locally and just know more people would get this book if they knew about it...

  1. I completely agree with you, the book was very comforting and informative.