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No Cure For Murder by Lawrence W. Gold, M.D.

Monday, October 3, 2011
Death at Brier Hospital is routine and provides the perfect opportunity to murder and get away
with it. Jacob Weizman, a physician, and his wife, Lola, a psychotherapist, are holocaust
survivors and need no proof of evil in this world. Jacob and Lola are unique protagonists.
They're octogenarians who take the fear out of getting old. Their intelligence, competence,
humor, and sense of history make them appealing in a world that too often disdains the aged.

After fifty-five years practicing medicine, Jacob is disappointed, but not surprised by several
patients' deaths, even the unexpected ones. Soon, however, it becomes clear that a killer is
stalking the halls of Brier Hospital targeting Jacob's patients. While Jacob has made enemies
over the years, he finds it inconceivable that anyone would murder his patients for revenge. The
killings mount even as the hospital and police increase security and pursue a vigorous
investigation. Finally, unsatisfied with surrogates, the killer targets Jacob.

Goodreads Summary

This book is impossible to put down, the reader will absolutely need to know who the killer is.  One of the best qualities this book contains is when the author switches to writing from the killers' point of view.  A look into the killer's mind in a murder mystery add to the story exponentially.

This book is written by a Doctor, the reader will feel as if the book is situated in reality at times.  The plot and events can appear very real.  The method that some patients are killed can seem so coldly...logical.  The main characters, Jacob and Lola, are very intriguing.  They are smart, funny, efficient, and very entertaining.  The secondary characters are interesting to get to know as well, they each have differing qualities that can make some very memorable. The reader will be sad when some of them are murdered under mysterious circumstances.

This book is highly recommended to adult readers.  The plot is unique and the author makes the events highly realistic.  The events are fast-paced and intense.  The characters are memorable.

5 Stars

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  1. Sounds good and looks good. For some reason, the cover really appeals to me. It's nice that the book was written by a doctor. I like when there's an extra sense of realism. Guess this is another one to add to the "to read" list. :P Great review!

  1. Thank you! I loved that the book was written by a doctor, I think that made the book much more realistic and insightful to read. Definitely add it to the review pile ;)