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BRONTE & FRANK GO TO MOSCOW (Children's Traveltivity Guide) by Megan Worthy Design and Characters by: Danielle Forrest Illustrated by Nicole Moon

Friday, October 21, 2011

Bronte & Frank go to Moscow is a charming children's story that takes you on a fun-filled adventure around the city of Moscow in Russia.

The heartwarming story of a little girl and her bear is a hardcover picture book, packed with educational activities, stickers, insider recommendations and features stunning illustrations as well as a bonus CD. Ages 3+

Goodreads Summary

This first book in a planned series of “traveltivity guides” for young children - 3 and up - has Bronte visiting Moscow with her teddy bear Frank.  Bronte, the toddler daughter of world traveler parent author Megan Worthy, loves to visit her favorite places like St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square, Gorky Park, and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory.  Frank’s favorite place to be is snuggling with Bronte during naptime, but he gamely travels everywhere with his little girl while attempting to stop her from activities like riding roller coasters and ice skating.

Many activities are included with the book.  It includes a CD with Russian folk songs, translations, and the Russian national anthem.  The Russian alphabet, along with to the English alphabet, is listed, and readers are encouraged to copy it.  Vocabulary is printed in Russian with its pronunciation and its English translation.  A sketched world map is provided, along with stickers, for young children to track their own travels around the world.  A “search” game for Russian numerals and a drawing of a “matryoshka” are provided for more learning and coloring fun!  The book arrives in a brown wrapper decorated with a crayon-drawn heart and a set of crayons for your child’s art in the book.  For parents, a map of the Moscow metro lines, phone numbers, and internet sites are given.       

 The story is sweet; the illustrations are pastels.  Parents of young learners may love the opportunity to offer this glimpse of another language, history, and culture.

Four Stars

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