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Carbavoid: The Fuel For the Future by Cindy Fleck Howlett

Monday, October 3, 2011
Pictures speak louder than words. Carbavoid, The Fuel for the Future, shouts clearly and shows convincingly where food goes once it enters your body. Obesity and Type II diabetes are the result of frequent, repeated spikes in blood sugar. Avoid sugar spikes and you avoid obesity and diabetes. It's that simple. Mrs. Howlett's timely analogy between your body and your car shows you exactly how to do that. Carbavoid breaks down the three essential nutrients of your diet - carbohydrates, proteins and fats - and shows you how to combine them to fuel your body so it runs like a finely tuned sports car.
• You'll understand how sugary foods turn into fat.
• You'll understand that protein is essential to your muscle growth and cellular health.
• You'll understand that fat is your friend...good fat, that is. Most importantly, you'll learn the perfect blend to create the premium fuel that your body needs so that you can live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Goodreads Summary

Speaking from the experience learned over thirty years in nursing, the author delivers this message of healthy eating with clarity and conviction.  The message that sugars or some carbohydrates - that quickly turn into sugars – are harmful to overall health can be found in other books.  However, this short lesson with its colorful illustrations sends its message in such a way that even elementary children will grasp the concepts of a perfectly balanced fuel for the body.  Howlett’s campaign against the results of “sugar spikes” (Type II diabetes and obesity) could result in healthier children and adults…if her words lead to lifestyle changes for her readers.

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This 33 page message in nutrition and its affect on the body can be read and discussed with young children.  It will also be a quick lesson or a guide for older readers.     

Reviewed with Colleen Corsiglia (Live To Read guest reviewer)

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