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Contest Alternate Ending

Sunday, October 2, 2011
I am writing this for this contest.

I chose Beauty Queens to rewrite the ending too.

Adina grasped at "Taylor Rene Krystal Hawkins from the great state of Texas," hoping to pull her away from the jungle and back towards their getaway ship.  However, Taylor resisted and when Taylor resists, she miraculously becomes a strong, feisty character rather than the willowy thin model. 

Taylor howled, "Go, you're missing your chance!"

Adina gasped, "Come on, Taylor!  Why won't you ever give in?"

Taylor and Adina grappled for about 5 more minutes before Adina was pulled away by Tiara.  Taylor ran into the woods while Adina and Tiara ran to the getaway ship.  Along the way, they discovered several other models hiding in the woods and showed them the getaway ship too. 

Panting, Taylor and Adina leaped aboard the ship just as they heard the "All Aboard" call.  They were finally going to get away from those model murderers!  They looked up to see who their captain was and looked at each other in consternation to discover that their captain was...Taylor!?