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First Love: Just Once in a Lifetime: A Memoir by Violeta Barrett

Wednesday, October 5, 2011
By 1956 Violeta Barrett had been working for a Wall Street investment firm more than a decade. Recently separated from her husband and feeling overworked, Violeta decided to vacation in Mexico. After her plane landed in Mexico City, a stranger with a deep, accented voice introduced himself as her tour guide. Violeta and Jorge had no idea they were about to begin a four-year romance that would endure the test of time and distance.
In her compelling memoir, Violeta shares a nostalgic and emotional journey where principles, love, and obligations collide and force unexpected decisions. Energized by the Mexican culture and Jorge’s charm, Violeta is soon caught up in the joy of being loved. But before long she must return to her obligations, leaving Jorge behind. Through the more than seventy love letters she would receive from Jorge for the next few years, the two share a forbidden passion—until the forces of morality prevail.
Nearly fifty years ago, Violeta and Jorge fell in love, changing their lives forever. Their heartfelt story proves that true love is not affected by time. It is ageless. It is eternal.

Goodreads Summary

This book was very touching.  I think it would be hard to feel anything but happy when you finish this book.  The author writes about her experiences with love, specifically with "the one."  In Violeta's case, "the one" is Jorge.  Jorge was surprisingly sweet and romantic, the reader will find him extremely likable.  Violeta herself is just as likable.  The reader will get to know Violeta very well, the author doesn't hold much back. 

There is a certain intimacy that the letters provide to the overall ambiance of the story.  Love stories can be told without letters, but the letters add that personal feel.  There are also pictures in the memoir that the reader will be able to tell were chosen with thought and care by the author.  In this case, a picture does appear to speak a thousand words.  The love stories towards the back of the memoir are beautiful too; a reader does not need to even like poetry to be able to understand this author's meaning.  This book is highly recommended to adult readers...the title truly exemplifies the book.

4 Stars

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Goodreads Summary


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I LOVED this love story! And so well written. It transported me to that time. Thanks so much for recommending it.

  1. Krystal Larson said...:

    Of course :) This is a great memoir!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If I could experience a love story as beautiful as this one, I would die happy! I can't imagine that it is anything but a two-sided forever love for what man would write over 70 love letters and not remember this author?