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Curiosity with a Capital S Tonya Trimble

Saturday, October 22, 2011
Ten-year-old Tracy worships her big brother, Stan, even though his insatiable curiosity often leads him--and Tracy--into unexpected, eye-opening, and sometimes frightening adventures. When Tracy's family moves to a beautiful South Carolina island during World War II, whole new opportunities for exploration and adventure unfold. Tracy watches with admiration as her brother grows up an learns to channel his curiosity to find his life's passion and pursue his dreams.
This sweet, poignant story of youthful inquisitiveness conveys the texture of life on a South Carolina island during a unique time in United States history. It is perfect for children, parents, and adults.
A comprehensive reader's and teacher's guide will be available for downloading from the publisher's website.

Goodreads Summary
World War II relocates ten-year-old Tracy and her big brother Stan to Lady’s Island off the coast of South Carolina.  With a brand new rowboat, archery set, tree house, secret cave, beautiful beaches, bridge tending towers, and flying lessons, the children grow up full of curiosity and fun!   Stan gets into trouble many times when his curiosity exceeds his experience, but all his scrapes turn out okay although they cost him some punishment time from his parents and principal. 

The author includes memories from America during the time period.  Curious children may ask their parents for model airplane kits or for a trip to see a bridge-tender’s tower.  There may be questions about World War II.  Will parents be curious enough to find a CD of 1940’s radio shows to listen to The Green Hornet or Inner Sanctum?

Young children will enjoy the adventures of Tracy and Stan.  Their parents will enjoy how the stories spark an interest in American history and family hobbies. 

Four Stars

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*Review writen in conjunction with Colleen Corsiglia, another Live To Read ~Krystal Reviewer