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The Third Space Between Contest!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011
I have been dying to read and review Brenna Yovanoff's upcoming book and I have another chance!

Objective: write about something minor/crucial thing someone did for you or you did for someone else.

One of the events I still remember to this day was studying for a killer physical chemistry test.  I was having a bad year, managed to catch both whooping couch and pneumonia (yep, I have THAT much of a loser immune system), and missed a lot of class.  I didn't have too many friends yet, either, as it was freshman year. 

I was a bit of a basket case (emphasis on the bit part) the lunch period before the test.  I tried to study, sitting by myself in the library.  Quite randomly, this girl who was apparently from my chemistry class came over and asked if I needed help understanding anything.  I was really surprised, people don't normally DO that for each other-particularly students who are usually competing.  I said "heck yes" and she helped me through the lunch period AND study period before the test.  Without her aid, I would likely have received a C-if I was lucky.  With her help, I received a 95% and developed a firm base for the rest of the class.  I'm still reminded of her whenever a younger student or student from my own classes asks for my help, I always say yes and spend the time. 

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