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Unholy Domain: Dan Ronco

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Summary: Set in the year 2022, Ronco's techno-thriller continues the premise established in his first book, PeaceMaker. In 2012, the PeaceMaker virus, supposedly designed by madman software expert Ray Brown, shut down the Internet, resulting in worldwide devastation. Since this cataclysm, the government has curtailed new technology. Those who would see the government limitations overturned are known as Technos; opposing them is a group of dangerous religious extremists, the Church of Natural Humans. Several events have brought these two warring factions head-to-head: the creators of illegal technology, the Domain, has decided to take over the government, and Ray Brown's son, David, has undertaken an investigation in an attempt to clear his father's name. The basic idea is interesting, but there's something more than a little of the adolescent about the entire enterprise, from the constant sexual references regarding every female character ("She wore skin-tight jeans, which showed off her tight, round butt as she walked past") to such lines as: "She enjoyed a drag of her cigarette, which felt robust and full." This is the second volume in a proposed trilogy.
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This is a novel that really causes the reader to take a step back, look out the window, and think.  A possible prophetic message, the author crafts a realistic future for mankind.  Do we depend on technology too much?  Do we use technology as a crutch?  The author creates a very realistic novel, the computer technology appears all to real and the reader cannot dismiss the valid questions and facts discussed in the book.  A disconnect in communication for the people on this Earth currently would be disastrous, and yet, technology itself is a fairly new development.  The characters are fresh and help to draw the reader in, the plot is by far one of the best this reader has come across in the science fiction genre, and the overall book is both enjoyable and disturbing.  The novel is very fast-paced, contains intrigue and action, and is a guaranteed good-read for anyone (young adult-adult) who enjoys science fiction.