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The Blighted Troth: Mirella Patzer

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
It must be hard to live in the year 1702.  A great historical novel filled with romance, intrigue, action, and excitement, I was so happy I won this novel in a Library Thing giveaway :) 
The main character is a strong, determined woman named Emilie.  Emilie is betrothed to Robert, a handsome miller.  On the eve of her marriage, Emilie angers a wealthy, arrogant, seigneur.  Forced to run for her life, Emilie and Robert take off in an attempt to  keep Emilie from the evil seigneur's arms.  However, the seigneur will stop at nothing to have Emilie; he even plans a botched abduction.  The lovers are forced to separate and endure perils of their own.  Emilie runs into famine, a Quebec bread riot, a death sentence, and a small pox epidemic.  A lot to handle for a young girl on the run.  Emilie is incessantly brave, she strives to reunite with Robert. 
Things are not always as they seem, in this novel, Robert has a secret past that reveals itself later in the book much to the delight of the reader.  Will Emilie and Robert remain together?  The lessons of family, love, and forgiveness are hard to ignore in this book; even the reader will come out with something learned. 
The reader will love the unique flavor is this book, the intricate plot, the exciting escapes, etc...The characters face seemingly impossible challenges throughout the novel.  Will Emilie and Robert survive to love each other again?
I would recommend this novel to young adult/adult readers who enjoy intrigue and action combined with history. 


  1. What a lovely review. Thank you very much for your kind words. You made my day. Mirella Patzer

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to read your book. I really liked Emilie and even Robert at the end of the book.