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A Line Blurred: Bryan Healey

Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Good Reads Summary:
Kevin is a depressed executive living a predictable life. When he unexpectedly deviates from his paralyzing routine to be with another woman, he finds himself risking everything for redemption.

Kylie, his frustrated and defeated wife, finds solace in a flirtatious encounter with a younger man that sparks a dangerous relationship.

Both unable to pull themselves from their newfound happiness, they rationalize their actions to satisfy their guilt, coming ever closer to an emotionally shattering end for both themselves and their children, who are unwillingly swept into their downward spiral.

Can one event conspire to ruin a life?  In this novel, one blurred line sparks a chain of events throughout the novel.  Kevin is a depressed executive whose life didn't turn out quite like he thought it would while Kylie, his wife, is hanging in the seemingly loveless marriage they share.  Rachel comes into Kevin's life and they immediately begin an affair.  Kylie begins an desperate affair with a younger man, Christopher.  The unhappy spouses ignore each other and their infidelities.  They eventually tire of their deceit, their bad decisions run rampant.  Their family begins to fall apart, as the reader may suppose, expected.  The reader may grow close to the characters, feel the frustration and anger.  The reader will question why the two even remain in marriage.  This novel is a good book for exploring the lines of marriage and consequences, this novel is great for adults. 


  1. bn100 said...:

    Sounds thought provoking