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Miya Black, Pirate Princess I: Adventure Dawns: Ben White

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Good Reads Summary:

There's no place like home. For Princess Miya Black, 'home' is Clover Island, a tiny dot of a place not even named on most maps. Founded fifteen years ago by her parents, ex-pirate Tomas "Boots" Black and ex-princess Lilith "Lily" Brightburn, it's a place for second chances and new beginnings. It's there that Miya was born, there she grew up, and there she now lives, spending her days riding with her best friend, practicing swordsmanship with her fake uncle, sailing with her father, and avoiding book lessons with her mother. To Miya it's the best place in the entire world, and she knows how lucky she is to have it. So when her home is threatened Miya doesn't just sit around around sulking. She's the princess of Clover Island, with the blood of pirate legends running through her veins, and she'll do whatever it takes to protect her kingdom.

This novel makes for a good, quick read on the beach or somewhere just as pleasant.  Miya is a very likable and fun character to read about, constantly active and always inquisitive and caring.  There are spikes of excitement for the reader when he/she becomes aware that the small island Miya lives on is being threatened by outside forces.  The overall plot is interesting, a little bland in places, and will keep the reader entertained for most of the book.  The reader will find the pirate history a nice touch and that will help to pique his/her interest.  The supporting characters help to amplify Miya's main role and serve to move the events along at a quick pace.  This is a great read for children, teens, or anyone who is a child at heart. 


  1. Thanks for all the recommendations and giveaways. This blog really helps me fulfill my reading habits! Krystal, keep on writing!

  1. Susan said...:

    Hi Krystal! I'm stopping by via the Hop. Glad to have found your blog. Have a fabulous weekend!

  1. Conor said...:

    Just hopping by and wanted to say hello. I'm a big fan of beach reading and I need more of it. I will have to check out Miya Black. Great site btw!

  1. Have a fantastic weekend to all of you too :)