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Hunger: Jackie Morse Kessler

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Lisabeth is on the verge of death, dying from Anorexia.  She no longer cares that much about her friends, family, interests, etc...  When Death comes for her, she is not really even that surprised.  What he offers, however, is the chance of her lifetime; an opportunity she really can't refuse.  To become a Horseman of the Apocalypse, especially to become Famine, fits Lisabeth perfectly. 
She begins to carry out her duties as Famine in the beginning of the book.  Ignoring her friends' concerned glances, she continues to give in to her eating disorder.  She takes the reader to small towns, where famine is also prevalent, leaving the people starving and in pain.  She meets War, an evil woman who cares little for anyone else, bent on causing destruction.  She sees people in a restaurant fight and hurt each other all because of her new power.  Thankfully, she isn't altogether happy with what she causes and observes; not nearly as callous as War, Famine has a chance to do some good.  The question is, will the good she does other people kill her?  Or will she be able to apply some of her lessons to herself? 
This was a great read, very enlightening when it comes to eating disorders (which seem to be written about too infrequently).  The author provides the reader with a view into the mindset of someone in the grips of Anorexia.  The writing is descriptive and filled with foreshadowing.  I really enjoyed this book and would recommend the novel to young adult/teen readers.