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Nopt Everything Brainless Is Dead: Joshua Price

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Good Reads Summary: Captain Rescue and his arch nemesis are always at each other’s throats, but this time, Dr. Malevolent’s criminal caper goes horribly awry. The two are forced to put aside their differences and form an unlikely alliance to thwart mankind's undeadliest threat—zombies!

He may not be the smartest, bravest, strongest, or most capable super hero in the world, but by golly Captain Rescue always manages to somehow get the job done. His arch nemesis is the villain that every hero needs, the cynical criminal mastermind bent on stealing and conquering her way to the very pinnacle of super villainy.

When Dr. Malevolent decides to knock off the most prominent bank in the city, she gets far more than she bargained for, and over the course of the ensuing shenanigans, a zombie apocalypse is inadvertently unleashed upon their metropolis. The outbreak spreads widely, and the hero and villain embark upon a journey to discover who, in this universe or the next, would commit such a dastardly act.

This novel was humorous and kept the reader in stitches.  When an evil genius, an overweight superhero, and a determined cop are mixed together the result can only be hysterical.  The cop is in love with his gun, the "Dr. Evil" is really just a woman who thinksthat the lab coat complimented her spandex, and her henchman is an 8-foot tall plush blue bunny with a "magic pouch".  The reader will soon be introduced to Stubbs, a newly turned zombie who thinks nothing of his current predicament.  The story is hysterical and takes the reader to meat a minotaur on a pogo stick, dragons, dinosaurs, etc...  The only negative comment I have about the book is that I found many grammatical and spelling errors that made it choppy and hard to read in places.  I would recommend this book to young adults who enjoy humor with a side of zombie. 


  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the review, and that I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

  1. I really liked how funny the characters and plot were :)