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Slate: Brian Rowe

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
There is nothing more humiliating than finding your spouse in bed with another person.  That is exactly what happens to Vivien Slate.  To make matters worse, her "competition" is a much younger woman.  Rather than being bogged down by regret and self-loathing, Vivien sets out to get herself a younger man and prove that she isn't an old woman. 
Vivien is a casting director with an idea in mind, she approves many men between the ages of twenty and forty to be a part of her cast and convinces them that they are part of her production.  Vivien is an alpha bi***, but the reader doesn't come out hating her as much due to the author's careful leading of her character.  She sacrifices her morals, lies about her actions, and deceives the whole town. 
I was surprised that the author put in that when Vivien caught her husband cheating one of her first reactions was to finger herself, this is definitely not a normal woman's reaction...I was also surprised at the use of the F word constantly.  The novel seemed a tad unnecessarily vulgar in places, however, I did like the development of some of the characters throughout the novel.  It must be difficult to write chick lit if the author is a man, because some of Vivien's reactions seemed unlikely given that she was a female character.  I would recommend this book to adults who enjoy chick lit.