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Polo in the United States: Horace A. Laffaye

Wednesday, May 18, 2011
Though polo is more commonly associated with Britain and South America, the sport also enjoys a strong following in the United States. This comprehensive history describes the evolution of polo in the U.S., from its beginnings in a New York City riding academy in 1876 until the 2010 Open Championship held in Florida. The principal early players and the first polo clubs are covered, as is American participation in the Olympics, polo at universities and colleges, women's polo, indoor polo, and polo in the military. Additionally, chapters also examine polo in the arts and in literature.

This nonfiction novel was surprisingly enjoyable to read.  The author gives the reader tid bits of history entwined with funny or intriguing stories designed to draw the reader in.  The text is easily understandable and a reader unfamiliar with the sport will come to understand and potetially love the sport through the authors words.  The author highlights the main events leading up to the formation of the first polo team and the major players.  The reader will grow interested in the politics behind the game and the intricate organization.  The author also intersperses the sport itself with the sport in art and literature, a welcome break for a reader who is not so athletically interested or inclined.  The reader will learn new historical facts throughout the book and come to understand the sport and its players quite well.  This book is good for adults who enjoy learning about a topic many are less familiar with. 

This book was provided to me by a Library Thing giveaway, this in no way influenced my review.