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Lake Charles: Ed Lynskey

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
I hadn't read anything by this author, but I soon learned that I was missing out.  The book is set in 1979, a setting that really adds flavor to the book.  Brendan Fishback is the main character.  He is accused of murdering Ashleigh Sizemore, the daughter of a local hot shot who went to a bad hotel with Brendan.  This is where the book reminds me a little of Native Son, Brendan wakes up with Ashleigh dead.  Due to the amount of drugs and alcohol he consumed, Brendan cannot seem to remember if he did or did not factor into her death. 
Brendan's problems multiply when his sister, Edna, disappears after going out for a relaxing weekend at Lake Charles with her husband and Brendan.  The plot thickens further when Brendan discovers that Lake Charles is the site of a major pot farm.  Brendan also derives that the pot farm may even have something to do with the murder he is charged with. 
I have to admit, I was happy with the ending.  I won't give away how many people died, but I can tell the reader that he/she will be satisfied.  The dialogue in the book was intriguing and kept me reading, I enjoyed the characters' development throughout the book.  I would recommend this book to young adults/adults who enjoy crime fiction.