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Smackin' The Monkey: Ernest Kinnie

Monday, May 23, 2011
Good Reads Summary: 
A 10-minute play. Two old actors try to keep in shape by faking heart attacks in the park. It doesn’t work out so good. The sweet old lady steals the wallet from the actor faking the attack, the tough guy thinks the actor is having a bad trip and pops a white pill down his throat with unfortunate results, and the clown kicks the actor in the rump as he goes by. A pointless, meaningless farce with no depth or message, and a very chaotic ending.

Every once in a while a reader may like to take a break from a book trying to impart a serious moral/lesson or attempting to convey extremely dramatic, intense scenes and just have fun reading.  This book will allow the reader to do so.  An extremely fast read, this book took me just over fifteen minutes to take in.  The reader will enjoy the antics of the two main characters, both elderly actors trying to get their groove back.  The scenes are all funny and the reader waits in anticipation to read what the two characters will come up with next.  This book is great for comic relief for any adult/young adult reader. 


  1. Susan T. said...:

    This title made me laugh! Is there an actual monkey involved at some point? Lol!