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The Queen Bee of Bridgeton: Leslie Dubois

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
I was able to read this great novel thanks to and the wonderful author, Leslie Dubois whose powerful writing and ability to endear the characters to her readers never fails to amaze me. 
Sonya Garrison is accepted into the prestigious Bridgeton Academy, she immediately feels alone as she is not accepted into any cliques upon entering.  However, she has potential to be the most popular girl in the Academy.  She is soon dating Will, the star of the basketball team; Will becomes the love interest throughout the novel.  Slightly arrogant, but loving, will Will be good for Sonya?  Sonya continues to do well in school and in her dance lessons, which she pays for by cleaning the studio.  The reader quickly learns to love hard-working, caring Sonya.  Her sister, Sasha, does not become the reader's favorite; quite the opposite of Sonya, Sasha can be cruel and does not seem to care who her actions affect.  Sasha figures largely in the ending of the novel. 
The ending of the novel was satisfying for me, though I wish Sasha had gotten more karma than she did already.  Sonya comes into her own and even elicits an apology from the reigning clique at the Academy.  I would recommend this novel to young adult/teen readers.  Keep writing Leslie Dubois!