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A Light In The Darkwood: Ernest Kinnie

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Good Reads Summary:
The story of two childran who learn to create reality. The brother and sister run from a sow bear into a magical wood where they are captured by little people. They create food for the little people and then realize that they can also use their imagination to escape. After they escape they learn to use their imagination to create a marvelous, magical world.
Two children go from the safety of their backyard to unleashing their imaginations.  This story is very enjoyable and one the reader will choose to read again and again.  The main characters are both endearing and inquisitive, the reader will come to like them immensely.  The reader will like the dialogue in the short story, the descriptions of the scenes.  This kind of adventure is the type that every child dreams about but rarely gets to indulge in.  Within a few paragraphs, the reader will be anticipating the next scene or creation of the two children.  The author makes a very strong point:  use your imagination and have fun with it.  This book is great to read to young children, but it is also fun for kids at heart at all ages.