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Bandits: LM Preston

Sunday, May 22, 2011
Good Reads Summary: 
Daniel's father has gotten himself killed and left another mess for Daniel to clean up. To save his world from destruction, he must fight off his father's killers while discovering a way to save his world. Time is running out, and Daniel must choose to either walk in his father's footsteps or to reinvent himself into the one to save his world.

The first quality of the book that struck me as amazing was the ability of the author to describe the scenes in such descriptive detail.  The reader will literally be able to see each scene through the main characters eyes; the scenes will be tactile, the reader will feel as if they are truly in the moment.  The main character lives on Zukar, an area where thieves/criminals live.  The main character is trained by his father to become a criminal.  Quite quickly, his father dies and the main character is left with the need for revenge and a need to know why his father as killed.  His best friend, Faulk, accompanies him on his journey to find out the truth.  He discovers that his father had stolen a treasure, his father had not shard with the Zukar.  The treasure may have the potential to destroy the world.  The book is littered with pirates, the characters are exciting to read about and follow.  The plot is very interesting, a new twist containing pirates.  The scenes are graphic and tangible.  This book is great for teens/young adults.