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Legacy - Book One of the Balancer Chronicles: Chris Adonn

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Good Reads Summary: 
Legacy begins with Katrina (Kat) Blake’s return to her childhood home after a five year absence. She has come back with the sole intention of reading the letter her estranged grandmother (Rosemarie) left her, before she sells the estate—but it’s not that simple. The letter comes with a journal which promises to unveil all the mysteries surrounding her life which have confounded her for years. She soon realises that the account was not written by Rosemarie but by a man named James Blackburne, and according to him they are related.

James is a four-hundred year old immortal; a balancer. His primary function is to protect the natural world from supernatural entities. In an attempt to connect with Kat, and aid her in her adjustment to her new life, he tells her his life story, starting with his birth in 1625, his death in 1650 as well as his subsequent rebirth as a balancer and the adventures which ensue.

James’s story takes Kat on a journey she never imagined possible. He weaves a gripping tale of life, love, adventure and self-discovery which ensnares her interest and compels her to keep reading, but he does a lot more than that. He reaches across time and space to connect with her in the present, as well as explain the motivations behind her grandmother’s apparent cold dismissal of her when she was a sensitive and fragile girl of eighteen. For Kat this is a precious gift as the emotional wounds their parting inflicted have never really healed.

This book is a great rainy day read, very enjoyable.  The plot is interesting and leaves the reader wanting more; the characters are mysterious, yet very honest.  The writing style of the author is good, nothing undesirable there.  The reader will enjoy the subtlety of the author in explaining delicate scenarios and their resultant affect on the characters' feelings.  The connection between the past and the present is strong in this novel, the reader will enjoy two stories: that of the main character and her male counterpart, James.  The reader will be happy throughout James' forays into love and romance and feel unhappy along with him as his life inevitable leads to sorrow.  The reader will hold on to residual anger at Kat's grandmother for her seemingly hard facade in front of her granddaughter.  This book is a great read for young adults/adults who enjoy discovering well-kept secrets.