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Who Loves Gamehouse?

Thursday, May 10, 2012
I can't tear myself from my computer when I start a game.  Gamehouse has such a wide variety of PC, Mac, and Mobile games.  If I'm truly addicted I can keep playing on my iPhone.  There are so many online games I can play, from Card games to Arcade games to Adventure games to Jigsaw puzzles.  There's a game for everyone!

Jewel Quest is a game you can't miss.  Want to explore Mayan ruins and solve increasingly difficult puzzles?  Try Jewel Quest!  You can create profiles for more than one character, play on a full screen, and play the game as long as you like!  Before starting the game, one may peruse reviews and the forums about this game to hear all of the recommendations.  Jewel Quest is available as an online, Mac, and PC game. 

Everyone's heard of Plants versus Zombies, complete with snappy catch phrase!  You can create your own zombie, being as creative as you like, and participate in stopping a potential apocalypse!    There are as many as 49 plants to utilize, the player will enjoy learning the properties and abilities of each. 

Bejeweled is worth a second look.  A popular puzzle game, this one is impossible to stop in the middle of playing.  It is easy to see why this game is one of the most popular offered. 

Find all of these addictive, exciting games at Gamehouse!  The site is interactive and easy to search.  There are games for everyone at low prices and many different varieties.  Join the community and participate on the forums.  Read through the reviews and try some of the most popular games.  With so many options, why wait?  Check out Gamehouse!


  1. Those games can be so addictive. But fun!!

  1. M.A.D. said...:

    LOVE Plants Vs Zombies - one of my favorites that I play practically every day lol :D