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The Nose Knows by Holly L. Lewitas

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Spunky is a sassy, classy terrier mutt with a nose for detecting the truth. She lives with her "mom," psychologist Dr. Hannah Richards and four tomcats: Fearless, Bobby, Sweetie, and Fancy Pants. Eleven years ago, a patient held Dr. Richards hostage. Traumatized, she stopped seeing patients. Now her husband has died, and Hannah Richards must return to work. Spunky and her pals are dedicated to keeping Hannah safe, but that job is getting tougher. Dr. Richards is about to meet a force greater than her old fears. Her newest patient is a dangerous man -- and he's stalking her. Spunky smells a connection to their past, but can she solve the puzzle in time? The Nose Knows is a suspenseful, heartwarming, funny, romantic tale that deals with big issues -- crippling grief, the effect of animal companionship on the human soul, and the power of love. Once you've seen the world through the eyes of Spunky, your view will never be the same.

Amazon Summary

Spunky is an unexpected main character.  The little terrier mutt will probably endear herself to the reader in no time.  With a quick wit and nose for mystery, the terrier mutt will lead the reader through the story.  The story really picks up the pace about halfway through; after that, it is very hard to put down.  Sometimes, Spunky will feel more like a real person than a dog.  The characters are detailed and dynamic, the reader will likely come to care for them.

When Hannah, Spunky's "mom, returns to work after the death of her husband, Spunky takes it upon herself to make sure she will be safe.  It quickly becomes clear that Hannah is not safe.  It is up to Spunky and company to sniff out the culprit.  The mystery was interesting and actually not that obvious, the author has a few well-placed twists and turns.  Overall, this book is recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars
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