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Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea by Sophia Nash

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Six Regency heroes—One royal hangover
An infamous night has been lost to memory. The scandalous Dukes of the Royal Entourage must make amends. The first step is a heroic rescue.
One of England’s most disreputable peers, Alexander Barclay, Duke of Kress, has stumbled upon a perfect opportunity for redemption. Having been exiled to Cornwall by the Prince Regent himself, Barclay discovers lovely Roxanne Vanderhaven clinging to the edge of a cliff, stranded there by her murderous blackguard of a husband . . . just waiting to be rescued.
Back on solid ground, Roxanne is desperate for a new life— once she’s retaliated for her husband’s despicable actions. Surprisingly, she finds herself drawn to her unlikely champion, certainly the last man in England she could count on. Yet, the infamous Duke of Kress isn’t quite the scoundrel he seems . . .

Goodreads Summary

“…the regular obscene excesses of the Prince Regent and his royal entourage” cause a scandal that ends up requiring all the dukes of the royal entourage to “redeem” themselves and their reputations.  This they are mandated to do by embracing temperance, by making reasonably quick, proper marriages, and by banishment to the far-flung corners of the English countryside.  When Alex, Duke of Kress, is exiled to Cornwall, he finds Roxanne clinging to a cliff where she was abandoned by her husband, the Earl of Paxton.  In the following days, Roxanne dreams up plans of revenge and ways to find the treasure that her deceased father left her, not trusting her husband to keep her safe.  Alex and Roxanne entertain and try to out-maneuver other dukes, a bevy of possible brides for Alex, and their pushy mothers.
I wish I was as witty as Sophia Nash.  The dialogue between the disgraced dukes, between Alex and Roxanne, and others really entertained me.  I smiled most of the time I was reading.  Maybe I should expect more attention to historical detail?  But - this is a fun, romantic work of fiction.  Roxanne reflects on being “glad females had so much quicker brains than men”.  Alex wonders why “females are so entranced by the notion of a tortured man”.  At one point, a friend of Roxanne’s is described as having “character – that dreadful term that bespoke of little beauty, but high intelligence”.  It’s a fun read!

Four Stars 

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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  1. I've not read a Sophia Nash book in awhile, but this definitely sounds like a great summer read at the pool.