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Solution Squared Series by Mike Fontenot

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Courtney Bergstrom: Her inimitable aptitude for analysis, lets her see things - things the rest of us don't, or perhaps can't. Her mind operates as smoothly, and as quickly, as a computer - one or zero, on or off. At twenty-five years of age, she will mastermind and execute one of the most intricate defections in the history of espionage.
Whitney Bergstrom: Quick, agile, deviously cunning, and with a demeanor most often described as dispassionate, she appears and disappears like a shadow, on a cloudy day. At twenty-five years of age, she will kill a man, with nothing more than her bare hands, and never give it a second thought.
Together they are the CIA's latest solution - squared.
Catch is, the bad guys have no idea there are two of them.
Meet Christine Nelson, the always bubbly and absurdly efficient Staff Attaché, attached to the US Embassy, London - aka Courtney OR Whitney Bergstrom. Catch is, unless they want you to, you'll never know which one of them she is. Just one of the many benefits of being identical twins.
What at first appears to the sisters, to be an intriguing one of a kind opportunity, quickly becomes a daily life and death struggle as they weave their way through the onslaught of deceit, danger, and daily insanity that is life as a CIA field agent. In the end, they will discover one of the harshest realities of life as spy - the good guys don't always win.
Their first field supervisor's cynical statement that ' this business, at some point, everyone dies,' will in the end, prove to be a chilling reality.
SOLUTION SQUARED is an espionage thriller that will take the reader on a fastpaced, methodical journey, through multiple cities on three continents, and ends with an unpredictable twist.

Goodreads Summary

The Goodreads summary above does a great job of providing the plot and background.  The characters are as interesting as they sound!  Whitney was such a cool character.  She has both the flash and the brains.  Courtney will likely remind the reader of his/her favorite female superhero.  The two work well together and make up the CIA's Squared Solution.  The reader him/herself will have a difficult time telling the two, twins, apart.  Their utterly confusing appearance works to their advantage throughout the series.  Being a twin comes in handy when one needs to work behind the scenes and the other needs to charm the targets. 

The sisters will have many opportunities, mysteries, and suspicious events.  The reader will get to follow their activities and think through everything the two experience with them.  The plot itself is fairly fast-paced.  The books are very long and there are many fast scenes and a couple slower ones.  The writing is not awkward or choppy, the reader will likely be able to keep the scenes straight without having to backtrack too much.  The books seem to get less predictable as the reader passes through the series.  Overall, an adult reader would be most likely to enjoy the series. 

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