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Sunrise Point by Robyn Carr

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Tom Cavanaugh may think he wants a traditional woman, but in Virgin River, the greatest tradition is falling in love unexpectedly....
Former Marine Tom Cavanaugh’s come home to Virgin River, ready to take over his family’s apple orchard and settle down. He knows just what the perfect woman will be like: sweet, decent, maybe a little naive. The marrying kind.
Nothing like Nora Crane. So why can’t he keep his eyes off the striking single mother?
Nora may not have a formal education, but she graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks. She’s been through tough times and she’ll do whatever it takes to support her family, including helping with harvest time at the Cavanaugh’s orchard. She’s always kept a single-minded focus on staying afloat...but suddenly her thoughts keep drifting back to rugged, opinionated Tom Cavanaugh.
Both Nora and Tom have their own ideas of what family means. But they’re about to prove each other completely wrong...

Goodreads Summary

Nora Crane, young single mother of two adorable little girls, was abandoned in Virgin River by her drug addict, abusive boyfriend.  Nora hadn’t known much stability in her life because of a mother who had her own psychological problems and an absent father.  This all changes in Virgin River; Nora’s own resilient nature and desperate circumstances drive her to accept the friendship and help of local people.  They help her to find life’s necessities and babysitting.  Finding a job to make her way is a top priority.  She finds peace, friendship, a paycheck, and a good-looking former Marine, Tom Cavanaugh, in the apple orchard.

As far as “baggage” goes, Nora has it all.  Yet, it is fun to compare hard-working, “appreciates life” Nora with Tom’s other possible choice.  It’s fun to read and see Tom slowly figuring out that Darla’s good points are only skin deep…maybe not even that deep.  I loved Tom’s grandma, Maxie, who shared common circumstances with Nora.  When Carr set up the similarity between Maxie and Nora it helped me to like Nora better.  I felt sorry for Nora, but if Tom was my grandson, I would want him to steer clear of her problems.  Seeing Maxie’s reaction to Nora helped me to like the character.  Tom and Nora’s growing attraction is fun to read about.  Seeing Nora reconnect with her father, who genuinely wants to become a father and grandfather, is cheering.

Three Stars   

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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