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The Temptation by Alisa Valdes

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
His touch was electric.
His eyes were magnetic.
His lips were a temptation....
But was he real?

After crashing her car on an empty highway, Shane is miraculously saved by Travis, a mysterious cowboy who walks out of nowhere. She is instantly attracted to him, and for the first time, she believes in “soul mates.” But Shane soon discovers that Travis is dead and that strict rules from the Underworld govern kindred spirits of different dimensions. Breaking these rules could destroy both their souls. And while Travis is almost impossible to resist, temptation proves to be the kindest enemy they encounter.

Can true love surpass the power of pure evil? Part love story, part supernatural thriller, this first book in the Kindred trilogy will leave readers lusting for more!

Goodreads Summary

Readers who can't stomach full-blown love stories but enjoy action, mystery, and the supernatural will find this book perfect!  The main character, Shane, will lead the reader right to the heart of the plot.  Shane was driving with her small dog early on in the book when an odd coyote limped in front of her car.  Shane jerks the wheel to avoid the coyote and the car flips...leaving Shane near death and her small dog nowhere to be found.  Shane's saving grace comes in the form of Travis.  Travis has a remarkable ability to heal Shane and her small dog. The two form a natural connection from here.  The reader may wonder-what happened to the coyote?  The reader will be right to wonder...

As Shane's and Travis's relationship grows, the reader will begin to understand the ramifications of any potential relationship between the two.  It is dangerous for Shane and Travis to love each other, but is love something two people can ignore?  Shane's character is great; she is intelligent and courageous.  However, she has her faults too-ignoring warnings and continuing in her stubborn ways.  Travis is every teenage girl's dream boyfriend.  He truly cares for Shane and is not embarrassed by his feelings.  He does everything in his power to keep Shane safe-even at his own expense.  The reader will learn to loathe the antagonists and root for Shane and Travis.

This book is exciting and a fun, fast read.  The ending will leave the reader wanting more, a wish he/she will be granted as there will be a sequel!  The authors' writing style is smooth and edgy, the writing style will hold the readers' attention.  This book is recommended for young adult/teen readers.

4 Stars

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  1. this sounds really, good! i hadn't seen it before!