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Searching for Sassy by Alyson Mead

Saturday, May 12, 2012
When your heart gets broken, you can either stick around and suffer through it, or get yourself gone. Alyson Mead decided to move from New York to Los Angeles to take a job as a phone psychic after a bad breakup. But as she struggles so accept her gift, while dispensing love advice to daily callers, her own dating life proves to be less than glamorous.
Searching for Sassy tells the true story of how a professional psychic healed her heart and got back on track, while learning to claim, appreciate, and develop her gifts. It's a rare and humorous behind-the-scenes look into this billion-dollar industry, in a way few have ever seen. Mead's path to healing may have been different than most. But this book is for anyone who's ever felt a little different, and maybe a tad challenged in the love department.

Goodreads Summary

This book was made even better when this reader learned that the author loosely based the novel on her own experiences.  This novel will make the reader laugh out loud and shake his/her head.  The author really connects with the reader and will feel like someone the reader might have as a friend in real life. 

The story itself if not necessarily new, but the surrounding dialogue and quirky characters make it seem like a new story.  The main character is witty and smart, hard not to like.  The other characters vary.  The reader will enjoy some of the while others will become the antagonists.  The book does have mini-lessons that, if the reader pays attention, are good to know.  The reader will get a sense of how colleagues affect relationships and the good vs. bad of dating to name a few.  The author's tone in the main character and throughout the story is very evident. 

Overall, this book is written well with a strong storyline, recommended to adult readers.

4 Stars

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