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The Boo Hag by David Morgan

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Lenny Petrakas is worried about her skin. Not the way you're thinking. Not like that at all. While most people spend time concerned about dirt and elasticity, temperature and moisture, Lenny has a more pressing problem. Something is after her. Something evil that won't stop until it has peeled every last inch of skin from the teen's body. And then, it may end her misery quickly, or it may dump her body in the woods. Let infection and dehydration run its course.
Lenny is just your normal sixteen-year-old girl. Was. Was just your normal sixteen-year-old girl. Quiet and polite. Petite. Introspective, but not to the point of isolation. Loyal? Fiercely so. Outstanding? Noteworthy? Different? No, no, and no. Or so she thought. What started as an eerie feeling, a certainty that someone had been in her room while she slept, has spiraled into something far worse. Something was in her room. Something that finds her highly different, extremely noteworthy, and intensely outstanding.
Game over? Wrong. Lenny's a fighter, and she isn't about to lie down and take what's coming to her. Enlisting the help of her best friend, a not-so-secret admirer, the hottest guy in school, one odious cheerleader, and a paranormalist teacher, Lenny is facing her fears head on, in a battle she knows can only end in death.

Goodreads Summary

Looking for a spooky story?  Lenny isn't your run-of-the-mill character.  She was more mature than I actually thought she would be.  If it was me, I'd have been a miserable main character in this book!  Lenny endures a lot, but manages to remain brave and eerily fearless, at times.  Her character was my draw into this book.

The plot is summed up nicely by Goodreads.  The author kept a running tension in the plot that was perfect for the content; the setting and characters fit right into the story.  The love interest fell a bit short, but wasn't supposed to be the focus of the book anyway.  Lenny's best friend Anna never seemed to let her down.  Most of the "good" characters were likable.  The antagonist was truly easy to hate, which was wonderful, no redeeming characteristics.

Overall, the book is definitely great for anyone who enjoys scarier stories.  The book was driven by the plot and Lenny, the author never meandered around or went off course.  This book is recommended to adult readers.

3 1/2 Stars

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Author Bio:

 David Morgan is more an idea than an actual person. Created in a sterilized 1980s laboratory with gleaming white walls, he was marked for greatness, bound to be a beacon in the sea of humanity, leading the masses to an everlasting epoch of unequaled love and prosperity. Under the flickering glow of a long fluorescent tube, he was taken pain-staking care of by a classified team of anonymous doctors, who watched, if not lovingly, at very least proudly, as he grew from idea, to germ, to bouncing baby boy. Nourished on the best things money can’t buy and taught at the feet of the greatest philosophers yet to be born, David Morgan grew into a man. And became a writer. And the doctors were all canned.
Or David Morgan was born in California, but only lived there for a short time before being whisked away to spend his formative years in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He played a lot of soccer, but only when he wasn’t parading around the neighborhood with his brother. He excelled in school right up to the point when he realized that the world would, in fact, not end if he didn’t complete his homework, and then he did okay. Above all he was nice. Or so he would have you believe. But what he won’t tell you, is that he once sent a friend hurtling down a dirt path on a bike, instructing him that on this part of the trail you have to go as fast as you can, and then David watched in delight as said friend jumped the edge of a small cliff and ended up hanging inches above a dirty creek, only separated from the stinking water by a dense patch of foliage. He won’t tell you about that.
David lives with his wife and daughters in a house. He is severely outnumbered at home in the gender department, but he thinks that’s pretty cool. David writes from the warm tropical beaches of his mind, but looks forward to a day when he can write from the warm tropical beaches of Hawaii’s reality.
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