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The 7% Solution: You Can Afford a Comfortable Retirement By: John H. Graves

Thursday, May 17, 2012
You Can Afford a Comfortable Retirement!
For the millions of Americans wondering how to get to and through retirement comfortably, The 7% Solution will provide the guidance to achieve your retirement goals with confidence.
Drawing on his 30-years of successful retirement planning, financial expert, John Graves, will show you how to:
• Take Control of your Financial Future
• Save Thousands in Fees that Bleed Your Retirement Nest Egg
• Catch Up to Where you Need to Be to Retire Well
• Achieve a Financially Secure Retirement
“This delightfully written guide is both comprehensive and wise – a must have for those seeking a secure retirement.” – Robert Stubbs, retired CEO of Bell Atlantic Capital Corporation
“Finally, a realistic roadmap for a new generation of retirees. This valuable resource is worth its cover price many times over.” – Vanessa Drucker, Editor, Fund Strategy Magazine

Goodreads Summary

Chartered financial consultant, chartered life underwriter, author Graves explains the variety of financial products and suggests how each would benefit a recently retired or soon-to-be retired baby boomer.  Stocks, bonds, annuities, MLPs, REITs, mutual funds, etc… are all covered in the book.  Strategies for designing a portfolio which Graves intends to provide for a 7% distribution rate are suggested in Chapter 11.  Tax strategies are also covered.

Since we’re approaching retirement age, this book interested me more than it would have 10 years ago.  Graves’s assertion that most Boomers are prepared for their retirements surprised but reassured me.  We have been told all our working lives that the Social Security safety net might not be there for us; however, Graves classes Social Security as a 3rd tier of income to count on in retirement.  He classes an annuity as a first tier of retirement income which surprised me too because I’ve always heard that the costs don’t justify the safety that an annuity provides.  After reading, I am definitely not able to navigate all the financial products on my own, but I do feel more prepared.  If you are the right age and in the right mindset, this book will be an interesting overview and a roadmap to keep handy as you explore the websites and other reading that Graves recommends.

Three and a Half Stars

*Reviewed by Colleen*

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