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Unafraid by Gracie Malone

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A 365-day devotional that will encourage and help readers overcome the fear that consumes, disturbs, and paralyzes them.

To live without fear is one of the most challenging goals you can make in your life. Fear lurks in the deep recesses of the human heart and surprises even the most mature Christian.

There are over 400 instances in the Bible of God telling His children to not be afraid. If repetition of a matter has anything to do with importance, God decided this was a big one. But rather than being a command or admonition, the tone spoken in turn by God, angels, and disciples is compelling and encouraging, like a parent comforting a fearful child.

In UNAFRAID, Gracie Malone brings light, a touch of humor, stories, quotes, prayers, and encouragement to everyone who is fighting to trust in the only One who can take their fear away.

Goodreads Summary

This is a daily devotional book that gives you a bible reading for each day of the year pertaining to living you life without fear. So many of us these days succumb to overthinking and obsessively going through negative thoughts and fears in life. According to this book, christian enlightenment partly comes from shedding these burdens and placing trust above that things will work out for the best. The book is full of great readings that reinforce this idea a little bit every day of your life in the year. Overall, this definitely can make an impact on any person's life following the Christian faith. 

3.5 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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  1. Fear can be a ruling emotion... Nothing can break through the barrier. Learning to let go of fear is hard, but such a great thing to learn. This sounds like it would be a fantastic devotional for ANYONE.