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Ancient Earth Journal: The Early Cretaceous by Juan Carlos Alonso: Promo and Giveaway!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

About Ancient Earth Journal: The Early Cretaceous

What it would be like to see a living, breathing dinosaur? The Early Cretaceous brings readers closer to prehistoric life than ever before. By combining the latest paleontological findings with highly detailed, intimate drawings of wildlife from the Early Cretaceous, readers will look into the eyes of some of the most fascinating creatures to ever inhabit the earth. Written and illustrated in the style of a naturalist's notebook, the viewer will be given a first-hand account of what it is like to stand alongside everything from the first birds to flying dinosaurs to some of the largest creatures ever to walk the earth. Through detailed illustrations and descriptive narrative, readers will discover how some dinosaurs survived polar blizzards, while others were able to pump blood five stories high to reach their brains. While many books on prehistoric life lump dinosaurs into the general timeline of the Mesozoic Period, no book currently dissects plant and animal life during one specific period. This allows the book to explore wildlife seldom featured in publications, many of them recent discoveries. The Early Cretaceous is backed by the research of one of paleontology's most acclaimed theorists, giving the book the most up to date scientific interpretation regarding animal behaviors, interactions, and recreations.

"The illustrations and artistic layout are exceptionally beautiful. This is a book children will cherish, keep, and remember, and adults will be delighted to add to their collection." - Sylvia Czerkas, Author and Director The Dinosaur Museum, Utah

"The illustrations are fantastic! The Nigersaurus 'grazing' is one of the nicest reconstructions of a rebbachisaurid I've ever seen." - Matthew C. Lamanna, Ph.D., Assistant Curator, Section of Vertebrate Paleontology, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

"Fantastic artwork!" - Andrew Milner, Paleontologist and Curator at St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

"The art is amazing" - Phil Hore, National Dinosaur Museum, Australia

"I *love* it! The style reminds me of a very cool sci-fi book that I had as a kid (and still have), Dougal Dixon's After Man: A Zoology of the Future. Dixon's book is a wonderful, lavishly illustrated introduction to evolutionary principles that helped set me on the path to becoming a professional paleontologist. I suspect your book is going to be similarly inspirational to many of today's aspiring scientists." - Matthew C. Lamanna, Ph.D., Assistant Curator, Section of Vertebrate Paleontology, Carnegie Museum of Natural History

About Juan Carlos Alonso
I am a graphic designer, creative director and illustrator living in Miami, Florida. Way back in 1992, I founded Alonso & Company, a creative boutique specializing in branding, design and advertising. I have been fortunate enough to work with clients of all sizes from Fortune 500 to local and have forged strong relationships with companies including the NBA franchise The Miami Heat, Bacardi Rum, Ryder System, Pitney Bowes and Capitol Records, to name a few.

I have always had a passion for nature. It has taken me around the world from Australia to the Galapagos Islands where I have been able to experience wildlife first hand.


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    This looks and sounds spectacular! I loved reading books like this when I was younger. And I still have many of them! It's amazing how far we've come in learning about dinosaurs. Thanks for a chance to win this book!

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    reading about the life of dinosaurs is always interesting to me

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