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Romancing the Dark in the City of Light by Ann Jacobus

Monday, September 21, 2015

A troubled teen, living in Paris, is torn between two boys, one of whom encourages her to embrace life, while the other—dark, dangerous, and attractive—urges her to embrace her fatal flaws.

Haunting and beautifully written, with a sharp and distinctive voice that could belong only to this character, Romancing the Dark in the City of Light is an unforgettable young adult novel.

Summer Barnes just moved to Paris to repeat her senior year of high school. After being kicked out of four boarding schools, she has to get on track or she risks losing her hefty inheritance. Summer is convinced that meeting the right guy will solve everything. She meets two. Moony, a classmate, is recovering against all odds from a serious car accident, and he encourages Summer to embrace life despite how hard it can be to make it through even one day. But when Summer meets Kurt, a hot, mysterious older man who she just can't shake, he leads her through the creepy underbelly of the city-and way out of her depth.

When Summer's behavior manages to alienate everyone, even Moony, she's forced to decide if a life so difficult is worth living. With an ending that'll surprise even the most seasoned reader, Romancing the Dark in the City of Light is an unputdownable and utterly compelling novel.

Goodreads Summary

We have all read or seen that story of the troubled teen that comes into town from some other land in hopes of turning her life around. In this one, we have Summer, and she is hoping to meet a guy in Paris that will help her point things in the right direction. The problem is, she meets two guys that she considers possibilities while there and they couldn't have put her in a worse situation than where she is at. One is suffering from major injuries, and the other is the up to no good attractive bad boy. She falls back into her old ways and is again stuck at a fork in the road where she must choose the best decision for her own good.

I liked the allure of Paris in this book. It automatically makes the book take on a different air and makes you more accepting to entering a romance with the pages you are about to read. In all seriousness though, this book is a good romance for those that typically explore this genre. One thing that you have to be ready for, is that this book dies into some dark topics. Alcohol, suicide, and self destructive behaviors run rampant through its pages but make the story more real. The boys in summer's life are almost like and angel and devil on her shoulders and she must choose to be "good or evil." This is definitely a story that will captivate your heart and you won't want to put it down until every last word has passed your eyes.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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