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The Lies About Truth by Courtney C. Stevens

Friday, September 25, 2015

Sadie Kingston, is a girl living in the aftermath. A year after surviving a car accident that killed her friend Trent and left her body and face scarred, she can’t move forward. The only person who seems to understand her is Trent’s brother, Max.

As Sadie begins to fall for Max, she's unsure if she is truly healed enough to be with him — even if Max is able to look at her scars and not shy away. But when the truth about the accident and subsequent events comes to light, Sadie has to decide if she can embrace the future or if she'll always be trapped in the past.

Goodreads Summary

I could not imagine the toll that a major car accident can take on someone who has lasting scars and injuries. Not to mention the mental scars that will be present from knowing that a friend of yours died and will never be around again. The only thing that seems to console Sadie, is her budding relationship.

I could see being completely changed from an incident that left your body and face scarred. If you were used to being physically beautiful and that was taken from you all of a sudden, most people would probably be bitter to the world in one way or another. It was a relief when Max showed Sadie some compassion because I was feeling really bad for the situation and how it was unfolding. I like that the love part of the story isn't the main plot, but a compliment to an already good story. There are so many love based stories out there that fizzle out and lack depth and this one does not dwell into that pitfall. This is a story about re-finding yourself after a tragedy, and it is carried out quite beautifully.

4 Stars

Reviewed by Chris

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  1. I can't imagine being in a car accident that killed someone that I love. Surviving something like that would be so hard. And on top of it, having your appearance altered so much? Man... This sounds like a good, heartwarming story, though!