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Nightshade (Poison Diaries #2) by Maryrose Wood, The Duchess Of Northumberland

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
A dark, gothic tale of romance… and murder.
The latest book in the grippingly dark series, The Poison Diaries.

Our heroine, Jessamine, has lost her faith in the men she loved, and her innocence as well. She turns to the dark side and plots to kill her father, using his own poisons, before becoming an assassin, a poisoner for hire. Can she recover from her heartache and reunite with her true love, Weed? Find out in this thrilling story where poisons, darkness and horror are a part of everyday life, and love is the only cure.

Goodreads Summary

This is the second book in the Poison Diaries Series.  The reader will enjoy finding out what happened to Jessamine and Weed.  The novel begins innocently enough, Jessamine has recovered from her devastating fever and remains in the cottage with her father, wondering where Weed is and if he truly abandoned her.  Weed has been warned away from Jessamine by Jessamine's cold-hearted father. 

This book contains twists and many thorns.  Jessamine will discover several lurid secrets and Weed will make a final decision regarding his true nature.  Several new character are introduced to the reader with the most integral being Rye.  Rye will become Jessamine's diversion and possible "special someone."

The characters in this novel are dynamic.  Jessamine's character develops further, she finds that she might not be "all good."  Weed attempts to create a useful talent from his unusual ability with plants.  The story alternates as the reader follows first Jessamine's and then Weed's point of view.  The secondary characters serve to round out the novel, the reader will enjoy getting to know some of them and prefer not to know some others.

The authors' style of writing is incredibly fluid and manages to incorporate many plant allusions and adjectives.  The reader will form an easy connection to the likable main characters as well.  This book is highly recommended to teens/young adults. 

5 Stars

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