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My Dearest Rose by Jessie McClain

Saturday, August 27, 2011
"My Dearest Rose" is a 400 word count fictional drama based off the life of a 24 year old girl named Iris. Iris lives in the small town of Falls City Oregon where she works at a small shop and plays music on the side at a local coffeeshop. She raises her 3 year old brother and is on bad terms with her mom whom she has never been able to get along with. Her boyfriend (who was also her best friend) had died 4 years earlier and she is still haunted by the memory. She then meets a guy named Jason (who is a roamer from Georgia) as she is performing one day at the coffeeshop and the story evolves. There are many twists and turns in the book. It's based on someones life that could be mine, your own, or a strangers. It shows that when you think there is nothing or no one left to save you, that your true salvation can come fromt he most unexpected place and that sometimes all is takes is a stranger. When all hope is lost who is it that you cling to?

Taken from author's website:

Iris has not led the easiest life.  She lost her love at a young age, raises her younger brother, has deadbeat parents, and no real opportunities to escape.  She meets Jason quite by accident.  They hit it off from the beginning.  The reader will follow their relationship through the novel and believe that they truly love each other.  Jason offers Iris a reprieve from her chaotic life. 

The story is certainly interesting.  The reader will be rooting for Iris during the novel.  There really are quite a few twists that the reader will not be able to guess at.  The events are fairly fast-paced, the love scenes are sweet, and the characters are intriguing.  Iris is hard-working, brave, and kind.  Jason is caring, protective, and appears to really love Iris.  It is also fun to note that the author gives the characters a particular accent, one that never falters throughout the novel.  This book is recommended to young adults/adults who enjoy "second chances" and realistic fiction with a hint of love.

4 Stars