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In a Celandine World by Catherine Thorpe

Monday, August 22, 2011

Willow Jane has a secret. She's in love with the Boogeyman. He comes to her in her dreams. Lately he's been speaking to her while she's awake. She doesn't know why he comes to her, or how it is that she loves him. She's never even seen him.

Until now.

She's accepted crazy. She's accepted isolation--heck, she's even welcomed it. She'll do anything to be with him.

But now Betts Willoughby is on to her. The mysterious wife of the village butcher watches her. She knows things. She believes things--things that are even crazier than Willow.

The truth is going to come out. A truth that has long been forgotten. A truth that was concealed in a manuscript in the 12th century. An impossible truth. A dangerous truth that will blow Willow's secret wide open--leaving her scrambling to save the only man she could ever love.

Goodreads Summary

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?  How about one that becomes very close to you?  The main character, Willow, has had an "imaginary friend" that she has loved for a long time, he went from being her friend to being "something more."  When she gets older, she realizes that this is not normal; she isn't sure if she is crazy or if her feelings are correct, and her Boogeyman is real.  She buys a cottage in England in an attempt to figure out which of her options are true.

The book is told from Willow's point of view, allowing the reader to get closer to Willow and understand her.  Willow is caring, inquisitive, and somewhat demanding.  She really draws the reader into the story.  The author describes Willow as well as Willow's thoughts and actions very well, the reader can imagine Willow perfectly.  The author also details the scenery and plot, making it very easy to picture.  However, at times, there is almost too much detail. 

The plot is unique, the author includes fairly controversial subjects-especially religion, bringing up the question "Are religious leaders followed too blindly?"  The author makes a strong case for this though, without being too forceful.  The love scenes were, once again, detailed and believable.  They were the perfect blend of romance and steam.  The reader can tell the characters really love each other, this can be a rarity in romance novels.  The concept of a "Boogeyman" in a novel with romance may appear a little strange, but it worked perfectly.  The Boogeyman represented the unknown rather than the scary guy in your closet.

The ending was perfect for the novel, the reader will be satisfied.  The author writes very fluidly, the only complaint a reader could make would be that there could have been slightly less detail.  This book was very enjoyable and adults/young adults will enjoy this novel.

4 Stars