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Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty Review and Paperback Giveaway!!! (International too for Ebook Copies)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Share a journey from traditional religious teaching into a deeper spiritual relationship as the narrator chronicles the experiences of his path on that journey. Beginning with a teenage out-of-body experience on the wrestling mat, and culminating in a breathtaking mystical experience at his father's deathbed, this true story is inspirational and thought-provoking.
The author describes "uncertainty" as a gift and a prerequisite to this journey toward greater spiritual connection. Readers blessed with any doubt regarding the spiritual dimensions of life will be richly rewarded with this story. Readers who have not yet pushed aside the veil of certainty may find within this story a window through which they might grasp the gift of uncertainty.

Goodreads Summary

Neil allows the reader to experience very personal moments with him.  He utilizes the form of "Dear Dad" to express his feelings and emotions as he remains in the ICU with his dying father.  He is going through a process of grieving and letting go.  The reader will realize that Neil has a strong moral character and is a wonderful son.  Neil contemplates the past years, thinking of his experiences, emotions, life lessons....  The reader is very fortunate that Neil is willing to share his innermost thoughts.  The author lays out his thoughts so candidly, that it is hard to question the truth behind his words.  A non-religious reader will not need to worry, the author manages to stay on the spiritual side without touching much of the religious side. 

This book was heartfelt and emotional.  It is a book worth reading at any time in one's life, there are plenty of lessons and thoughts to think over that the reader will take away.  There are so many quotes in this book that the reader will remember and enjoy.  The book is a short read, but that adds to the book's appeal-the author goes right to the point of the matter.  This book is recommended to teen/young adult/adult readers. 

5 Stars

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 Neil Hanson lives and works in Colorado. Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty is his first book. He blogs actively and writes articles for periodicals. He is an avid outdoorsman, passionate about hunting and fishing. He spends a great deal of time bicycling    the roads and trails of Colorado, and backcountry skiing in winter.  His passion for gardening spills over into a joint venture with his oldest son, where they operate a landscaping and construction company in Colorado.
Book Description:
    In this story told in the first-person form of a letter from a middle-aged man to his deceased father, Hanson invites us to journey with him through the final days of the father’s life, finding a magical transition waiting at the end of that journey. The story    weaves end-of-life reality and spiritual questioning into a sensitive and revealing tapestry of Truth and Wisdom. The tapestry is colored with true stories of mystical experiences that inform the spiritual path of the son.
    Most of us will face difficult and painful end-of-life decisions with the most important people in our lives. The threads of this aspect of the story are sensitive, and Hanson reveals the struggles and destinations of the son as he wrestles deeply with the journey    that he must walk in making these decisions for his dying father.
    Price: $17.95
    ISBN: 9780982639108
    Pages: 132
    Release: May 2010
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  1. Krystal, thanks for taking the time to read and review Neil's book. We appreciate your support of "Peace at the Edge of Uncertainty" and for hosting a stop on the book's blog tour.

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    Thanks very much for the review Krystal - I appreciate it, and look forward to your readers thoughts as well.

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