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Off to Class: Incredible and Unusual Schools Around the World by Susan Hughes

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
When North American kids picture a school, odds are they see rows of desks, stacks of textbooks, and linoleum hallways. They probably don’t picture caves, boats, or train platforms — but there are schools in caves, and on boats and on train platforms. There’s a whole world of unusual schools out there!
But the most amazing thing about these schools isn’t their location or what they look like. It’s that they provide a place for students who face some of the toughest environmental and cultural challenges, and live some of the most unique lifestyles, to learn. Education is not readily available for kids everywhere, and many communities are strapped for the resources that would make it easier for kids to go to school. In short, it’s not always easy getting kids off to class — but people around the world are finding creative ways to do it.
In Off to Class, readers will travel to dozens of countries to visit some of these incredible schools, and, through personal interviews, meet the students who attend them, too. And their stories aren't just inspiring — they'll also get kids to think about school and the world in a whole new way.

Goodreads Summary

This book is perfect for readers of all ages who wish to learn more about the world around them.  This book focuses on education, particularly in those parts of the world where education is forgotten and/or too expensive.  A map is included of the world with the schools that were detailed in the book, making it easier for a reader to picture.  The pictures in the book are real, they add immensely to the readers' understanding. 

The first page in the book includes a few paragraphs highlighting "Education is For Everyone."  The book's purpose is to enlighten the reader to other schools around the world, especially the more uncommon ones, and to promote the idea that every single person on this planet deserves a good education.  The reader will enjoy the factual writing the author utilizes to detail the different schools in the many different locations.  The book has quite a few happy outcomes from schools started and educations given.  Traditions and cultures are acknowledged and the reader becomes acquainted with them.  There is just the right amount of knowledge incorporated in this book so as not to overwhelm the reader and to leave a lasting impression.  This book is wonderful for readers of all ages.

5 Stars


  1. Susan T. said...:

    I wish I had gone to a less traditional school as a child. I think they are a great idea!